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Valuable Emerson Delta V DCS VE4012S2B1 KJ3102X1-BA1 Reduced System Footprint

Emerson Delta V DCS
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emerson 475 field communicator


epro pr6423



Product:Emerson Deltav VE4012S2B1 KJ3102X1-BA1

in one year warranty stocked

Reduced system footprint: The DeltaV system’s state-of-theart form factor design of the I/O components enables you to mount the I/O interface carrier in a junction box in the field so you significantly reduce the footprint of your equipment and increase valuable control room space for other uses.


Installation: Save on wiring expenses by installing Classic Instrumentation in the field, near the actual field devices. Mounting the controller with the I/O further reduces your wiring expenditures by eliminating the need for long runs of multi-cores. The integrated design of the Traditional I/O subsystem can eliminate the need for marshalling panels. This saves you even more in your total capital costs. The provision of in-line fuses and bussed power saves on installation costs compared with external fuses and power distribution.



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Valuable Emerson Delta V DCS VE4012S2B1 KJ3102X1-BA1 Reduced System Footprint



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