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Flexible Emerson Deltav VE4003S2B1 KJ3222X1-BA1 Standard I O Termination Block

Emerson Delta V DCS
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emerson 475 field communicator


epro pr6423



Product:Emerson Deltav VE4003S2B1 KJ3222X1-BA1

Standard I/O Termination Block

Traditional I/O is a modular subsystem that offers flexibility during installation. It’s designed to be installed in the field, near your devices. Traditional I/O is equipped with function and field wiring protection keys to ensure that the correct I/O card is always plugged into the corresponding terminal block. Modularity, protection keys, and plug-and-play capabilities make DeltaV™ Traditional I/O a smart choice for your process control system.


Full system modularity: The Traditional I/O subsystem was designed with your investment in mind. All components are fully modular and may be installable under power. You add I/O interface carriers and I/O interfaces in groups of 4, 8, 16, or 32 channels as you need them. The modular design enables you to purchase the exact amount of I/O cards, 8-wide carriers, power/ controllers, and 2-wide carriers you need and add more DeltaV I/O as your system grows.


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Products Pictures:Flexible Emerson Deltav VE4003S2B1 KJ3222X1-BA1 Standard I O Termination BlockFlexible Emerson Deltav VE4003S2B1 KJ3222X1-BA1 Standard I O Termination Block




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