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40 Channel ICS Triplex PLC ICS Triplex T8431 TMR 24 Vdc Analogue Input

ICS Triplex PLC
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tmr speed monitor



Product:ICS Triplex T8431

Trusted TMR 24 Vdc Analogue Input Module 40 Channel


The Trusted® TMR 24 Vdc Analogue Input Module interfaces to 40 sourcing field input devices, acting as a current sink for all these devices. Comprehensive diagnostic tests are performed on each input channel. Fault tolerance is achieved through a Triple Modular Redundant (TMR) architecture within the Module for each of the 40 input channels.


Using the built-in line-monitoring feature, the Module can detect open and shorted field cables. Line monitoring functions are independently configured for each input channel.


The Module provides on-board Sequence of Events (SOE) reporting with a resolution of 1 ms. A change of state triggers an SOE entry. States are determined by voltage thresholds that can be configured on a per channel basis. When the field voltage and field return are connected to the auxiliary input channels of the Module, thresholds can be specified as a ratio of the field supply voltage.



• 40 Triple Modular Redundant (TMR) input channels per Module.

• Comprehensive, automatic diagnostics and self-test.

• Selectable line monitoring per channel to detect open circuit and short circuit field wiring faults.

• 2500 V impulse withstand opto/galvanic isolation barrier.

• On-board Sequence of Events (SOE) reporting with 1 ms resolution.

• Module can be hot-replaced on-line using dedicated Companion (adjacent) Slot or SmartSlot (one spare slot for many Modules) configurations.

• Front Panel input status Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) for each channel indicate input status and field wiring faults.



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40 Channel ICS Triplex PLC ICS Triplex T8431 TMR 24 Vdc Analogue Input


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