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505 Controller Woodward 9907 162 505 Turbine Control Module Original Packing

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Product:Woodward 9907-162

505 Turbine control module original packing

The 505 controller is designed to control single or dual (split range) actuator steam turbines (extraction
steam turbines require the 505XT version). The 505 is field programmable which allows a single design to
be used in many different control applications and reduces both cost and delivery time. It uses menu
driven software to instruct site engineers on programming the control to a specific generator or
mechanical drive application. The 505 can be configured to operate as a stand-alone unit or in
conjunction with a plant’s Distributed Control System.


The 505 control has five PID controllers that can affect the demand of the inlet steam flow into the turbine;
the Speed/load PID controller, the Auxiliary PID controller, Auxiliary 2 PID controller, and the Cascade
PID controller. Depending on the configuration of the 505, these PIDs interact differently with each other.
Please refer to the Block diagrams listed later in this chapter to fully understand PID relationships. An
additional PID is available as an isolated control loop that is optional and can be used to drive an
independent Analog Output signal (that is not driving a Steam Valve) for any single loop ancillary control
that may be required (such as Seal Gas, Gland Seals, or lube oil pressure loops. When using the Isolated
PID Control, it is recommended to select the “Enable Readback Fault” option for the Analog Output
channel configured as the Isolated PID Demand. This will trigger an alarm in the 505 if a fault of the
output circuit is detected. By default, Analog Output channels are not configured to produce an alarm
when the output circuit has a fault




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505 Controller Woodward 9907 162 505 Turbine Control Module Original Packing


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