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Right Sized Emerson Delta V DCS Emerson Deltav VE3007 KJ2005X1-BA1 MX Controller

Emerson Delta V DCS
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Product:Emerson Deltav VE3007 KJ2005X1-BA1

MX Controller with one year warranty

The MX Controller provides communication and control between the field devices and the other nodes on the control network. Control strategies and system configurations created on earlier DeltaV™ systems can be used with this powerful controller. The MX Controller provides all the features and functions of the MD Plus Controller, with twice the capacity. The control languages executed in the controllers are described in the Control Software Suite product data sheet.


Right-sized controllers The MX controller complements the MQ controllers by providing a larger-capacity controller for those applications that need more control capacity:

  •  2 X the control capacity
  • 2 X user-configurable memory
  • 2 X the DST count Late changes.

You can easily upgrade an MQ controller to an MX to handle project scope changes late in the project. The MX installs in the same footprint as the MQ Controllers but delivers twice the performance. Simply replace the MQ with the MX and all existing configuration, documentation and hardware design remain the same — forgiving


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Right Sized Emerson Delta V DCS Emerson Deltav VE3007 KJ2005X1-BA1 MX Controller




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